The Next Generation Primary & Secondary School Al Wakra

Session 2023-2024
Y 1Y 2Y 3Y 4Y 5Y 6Y 7Y 8Y 9
Entrance Assessment Fee 200200200200200200200200200
Registration Fee / Admission Fee 1,0381,0381,0381,0381,0381,0381,0201,0201,020
Security Fee 1,0381,0381,0381,0381,0381,0381,0201,0201,020
Tuition Fee 16,04416,04416,04416,04416,04416,04417,40617,40617,406
Books Fee 7007257259259259251,8001,8001,800
Stationery Fee 450450450450450450450450450
Transport Fee (Inside City) 3,7383,7383,7383,7383,7383,7383,6003,6003,600
Transport Fee (Outside City) 4,9854,9854,9854,9854,9854,9854,8004,8004,800
Seat Reservation Fee (for the next Academic Session 2024-2025)1,0381,0381,0381,0381,0381,0381,0201,0201,020

All fees mentioned in this guide are in Qatari riyal.