The Next Generation Primary Al Wukair

Session 2023-2024
Y 1Y 2Y 3Y 4Y 5Y 6
Entrance Assessment Fee 200200200200200200
Registration Fee / Admission Fee 1,0381,0381,0381,0381,0381,038
Security Fee 1,0381,0381,0381,0381,0381,038
Tuition Fee 16,04416,04416,04416,04416,04416,044
Books Fee 700725725925925925
Stationery Fee 450450450450450450
Transport Fee (Inside City) 3,7383,7383,7383,7383,7383,738
Transport Fee (Outside City) 4,9854,9854,9854,9854,9854,985
Seat Reservation Fee (for the next Academic Session 2024-2025)1,0381,0381,0381,0381,0381,038

All fees mentioned in this guide are in Qatari riyal.